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On triple dates.

October 9, 2010

Being an adult is going out with other couples, sipping on some vino and engaging in conversation while enjoying delightful flavors at an eatery. So I was more than excited to go on my first real couples date in September. It was me, my honey, my roommate from college and her date, who happens to be a guy who I went to high school with (the two of them hooked up at a cookout the honey and I had and my mother high school friend and his wife (who is lovely). We went to the little seafood restaurant by my house. Bring your own bottles. We all brought wine.

I wore: An orange strapless dress. Cotton. Hugs the body in the right places. Belted. And this shoes I have that are like a pattern to them with like some greenish, orange flavors. My honey wore  a polite outfit as well. First, can we just talk about how my feet are shrinking or something? I used to wear a 7.5 or an 8 and now all of my shoes slide the hell off. It’s unfortunate. I digress.

We all arrive. We hug. We hello. We order aps. We pop the wine open. We pour. We drink. We yum. We talk.

The talk mainly involved undergraduate studies, graduate studies and work. I dont like to talk about any of these things. Undergraduate is so far gone. Graduate studies are really nothing to talk about…well maybe when I first started I talked about it. Work…well I’m out trying to luxuriate in copious amounts of vino….I dont want to talk business with friends. I chimed in here and there though. I can go with the flow, unless I’m in a mood or with people who I don’t want to be with. But each the dinner people I love and adore. They make me smile.

Enter the honey. He talks, but is quiet around people he doesn’t really know like that. Around his friends…he’s Mr. Chatty. Our friends are different. I think. I’m quiet around his friends. I find myself wondering what to say. It’s my own thing though because I can talk to them about the same things I would talk to my friends about…I think. Anyway everyone in attendance noticed that he was super quiet. He was talking to me and my former roommate (he sees her often, but he went to high school with the two guys). Anyway I hear whispers of why is he so quiet…does he not really want to be here…the next day and the following week.

He was there to make me happy, but if he had his choice…I don’t think the situation was really his cup of tea. In fact, I know it wasn’t because when I told him that everyone wanted to meet up again..his face and body language were like uhhh why. His comment was that all they talked about was school.

I agree.

And it makes me wonder. At what point do we stop talking about school? Is that a forever thing? Or like do we go from talking about school to talking about babies once we have babies? I don’t want to talk about babies…that I know. But talking about school for hours is a headache. I mean how many times can you ask someone their undergrad major, their grad school major and whether they work and go to school at the same time. Ask those on your own time. I’d rather discuss current issues or the sexiness that is TJ Holmes. I might even talk business IF we’re throwing clients to each other. Perhaps he found the dinner stuffy or pretentious…I dunno…but I do know that dinnering with those folks again is really important to me. How do you do it…like incorporate your honey with your friends? Is it easy? Or do other people have the same situation but no one wants to talk about it?

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