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On co-working, Winston and Clients…

October 9, 2010

Yes, I have been relaxing in a corner chair with herbal tea in one hand and my iPad in the other reading classic literature while Winston sits in my lap.

In my dreams.

Things are moving fast…so fast in fact that I cannot keep up most day…which leads me to stare at the wall for at least 20 minutes a day repeating the following…

Really? Really? That’s what’s up.

Only, I never really know what’s up. I have only touched that iPad on about seven occasions, one of which I read Kelly Cutrone’s book about going outside to cry. Kudos to you for turning your life into the sparkling glittery shit it is today. The book is dope, although I was looking for some hard hitting chick get your act straight advice. She’s on some holy worshiping Goddesses type of light me a candle and meditate stuff. Not judging. I’m into that, however, title your book accordingly. Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons (if you are cringing at the mention of her name….you do not need to read my blog…she is my everything) is the best girl go get you a piece of this world and be fab ever. I also download, “The Wealthy Freelancer.” Decent. Real decent. If you write or do anything really…read it. I also downloaded something by Freud…it was free and I used to dig reading his stuff way back when I was a wee Miranda.

The Honey got the puppy a costume for Halloween. I’m impressed. He even like ordered it online…like it was some calculated though into the whole ordering thing. He’s gonna be a pumpkin….he looks too cute. I’ll take a picture and post it….like on Halloween. Do people discriminate? Can I take him trick-or-treating? But like only knock on the doors of those people who I know have dogs? If you have dogs, you must have treats. Winston adores treats. But don’t try and give my baby anything that’s pork. He will NOT nibble on pig ears or Beggin’ Strips <—- they’re totally pork and no one can tell me any different. I barely want him to eat beef…but someone buys him beef…oh and lamb (it just seems wrong for him to eat lamb…his fav toy is a lamb…sigh).

I have clients. See that “s”. Embrace it for me and pray to whatever you pray to that I keep getting clientsssss. Newest additions….a construction company (yeah, that’s right…it’s not all peaches and roses over here…I can get dirty too), a natural hair salon and a smoothie-ish franchise in SF. I want to move to SF just to gulp down every piece of yummy goodness this place sells. I mean they need to send me a sample via messenger. I’d be ever so thrilled.

I lost weight….not from working out though…stress is a hell of a diet pill.  And the weight loss is fly, not sickly. Win.

Co-working. It’s lonely working all alone with just Winston. He sleeps like the whole day….gets up randomly and comes to me so I can rub him…then he goes into the closet, nuzzles into his sleeping bag and goes to sleep. He needs to learn to file things or take notes or make invoices. His cute can only get him so far in this lifetime. I have this idea to turn my home into a co-working space. I mean not like with 98 people…lets face it….I don’t want a whole bunch of randoms in my house….but myself and like 2 or 3 other people. Win. This will entail reworking my office. I guess I don’t need to have two book shelves and perhaps using the side of one wall to line my shoes is not necessary. I can fit two desks on one side, two on the other and put a white board on wall by the door. Need to make modifications to the living room to make it look more like a meeting space (Winston’s tent is in the and we have a futon because we’re both to wrapped up in our stuff to actually be responsible and get a couch. My co-working space needs a couch and two side chairs, and a small table and a vintage telephone. Who needs caller id. And fresh flowers. My co-working space = bed and breakfast type intimate set up. I will offer tea on my good dishes…the lovely clear mugs and saucers that I love to pieces. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a good idea. I should probably run it by the honey….however…my thought is this…hours 9am to 6 pm….he’s usually not home around those hours anyways. It’s like entrepreneur daycare, but I don’t have to babysit…..just provide space and tea…for a fee…and snacks. If I win the lottery (i’m blowing this joint and heading to new york) I want to buy a building to create a fabulous, lovely co-working space. I mean it. And on the lower level of the coworking space will be a…

I can’t give that away. But yeah, I’d love to share my office with a designer or writer a someone.

Today’s outfit: a bra and cut off shorts. I mean I just have not even tried to put together a cohesive outfit since I went to church with my dad last Sunday. He asked me to go via facebook. Yeah, my dad is on Facebook. He typed on his wall “Meet me at church. **** are you with me?” As if I really ever had a choice. Hmmph.


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