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On apples, kitchens and proofreading…

September 4, 2010

Do I proofread my posts? No. Will I ever? Likely not. If I was scribbling down these notes in an old-school diary…I wouldn’t be going back through each page with a red pen making corrections. And I don’t own a virtual red pen, unless I’m actually writing for pay…then I whip it out. It’s not that you guys aren’t worth it, it’s just that by the time I sit down to blog, I’ve probably already written 2500 words on some random topic. That’s the kind of life I’m living over here…if I’m not writing, I’m reading. If I’m not reading, I’m on gchat wasting time, or I’m somewhere staring at a wall thinking about consuming copious amount of vino. Right now, I want some pineapple juice. We have cranberry juice. Not pleased.

But I was pleased on Friday to discover that someone had been hiding a huge secret from me. I work from home, we’ve been through this, so I’m either sitting in my office in the most boring chair imaginable trying not to slouch, in bed with the laptop and the covers slightly covering my feet or laying in the middle of the hall with a puppy on my back. Typical work day. During the course of the day, I consume many many many glasses of delicious water. We have the best water and I don’t mind bragging about it. It’s like gourmet, faucet water. We had a filter but it stopped working and I’m just not all that sure that it was really working anyway. And the way I see it, I put that shower water on me with no filter and that’s getting all up in my skin anyways, so I may as well just drink it. Plus that filter thing is BULKY and one time, and attacked me. Like it just fell the hell off…like for no reason and the water was splashing all up in my face. Pissed.

Anyway so I drink water all day (trust me this will all make sense in a minute, hang in there, you can do it). So, it was a normal Friday…I was working, dreaming of a nap later and some delicious dinner. I talk to the honey on gchat while he’s at work. So around 3 p.m. he goes “well, since it’s 3 p.m. and you still haven’t found it yet….i got you something…it’s in the house…go FIND IT.” Instantly, my mouth starts watering because I’m like oh, yum…he secured me a delicious treat from the supermarket and hid it for me. So I asked him where to look…no response. I look upstairs…well I spun around in the bedroom…didnt’ see anything and I wasn’t about to start randomly moving stuff about. I went in the bathroom, looked around a bit. Nothing. Went and sat in the middle of the living room and looked around. Nothing. Then, I ventured towards the dining room. By this point, I’m planning out the type of treat he got me…I thought he got those delicious 1/2 fruit candy things the Giant has. I look on the dining room table, then I go in the fridge and start looking around. At this point, I’m moving stuff everywhere. Nothing but I was reminded of the tasty guacamole from the day before. I digress. I literally stood in the middle of the kitchen like if I were him where would I hide something for me. Of course! The cup cabinet. The cup cabinet that I usually go in a lot because for each cup of water I drink, I end up getting a new cup. It’s sick. I know. Who does that? I know. But here’s the thing….sometime I finish my water, then I have to walk the dog and then when I come back I’m like oh I need water….but it’s just a lot to come all the way upstairs to get the cup I had just to come back down and pour water. So I just get another cup. Yeah, yeah, yeah…at least I’m not tossing paper cups right and left. So I go over to the cup cabinet. I see…

A delicious bag from the Apple Store with the words “Happy Friday Mwah” written on the bag. So I started crying. I mean streaming tears of joy. I didn’t even open the bag because I knew what it was. Oh, iPad…I mean oh, honey you’re so sweet. Such a surprise and such a thoughtful gift. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend reading this great ebook I downloaded. I’m highlighting, book marking and making notes left and right.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  1. subject-verb agreement permalink
    September 4, 2010 10:31 pm

    um, miranda. does your boyfriend have an equally awesome, single brother???

  2. Miss Miranda permalink*
    September 4, 2010 10:40 pm

    hello there! he has a brother… not single, but he seems like he’s awesome lol if the girlfriend leaves, i’ll send him your way

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